Skinny Barbie now opens for sponsorship! However, I only accept businesses that are related to the content of this blog or my interests such as fashion, beauty, travel and photography. But I do consider some things other than that. All kind of businesses are welcome. There are few different options shown below, or if you have another idea we can discuss it through e-mail. 
♥ Sponsored Items
I will wear apparels of my choice from your shop and it will be featured on my outfit post. An outfit post will include photos of me wearing apparels from your shop, detailed photos and a link to your shop. Chosen apparels will be mine. 

♥ Website and Product Review
I will review your website or products based on my personal thoughts. I will explain what your website offers and the pro and cons of your website or products. The products will be mine. Choosing this following method, you will have to pay with rates. Rates will be discussed through e-mail.

♥ Banner Ads on Sidebar
Banner will be appear on the sidebar of my blog (only right side available). There are several sizes available will be written below. The banner used will be from you. Banner will be available after all payment has been done. Rates will be discussed through e-mail. 
SMALL: 240px x 100
MEDIUM: 240px x 160
LARGE: 240px x 320

♥ Giveaways
I will held a giveaway on my blog with sponsored items from you as the prize. Items will be linked back to your shop. Either you or me will choose the giveaway winner. Giveaway rules will be discussed through email.

♥ Discount Code
You can simply send me a discount code that can be used for my reader to get several kind of discounts on your shop. 

All payments will be made through paypal (internationals) or BCA (locals).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at michelle.kristiani@hotmail.com