Spring Bloom

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Hey everyone! How was your day? So, as I promised, here's an outfit post! It's been so long, excuse my heavier eyebags and rounder face lol. I'm a fashion design student and I am pretty occupied and pretty used to being a nocturnal now, that explains my chubby face I guess. I'm still trying to adjust and organize myself better. I've been trying to eat healthier too, but meh, screw healthy foods and hey junk foods! Well that often happens, especially in the middle of the night. I bet you guys understand that one.
I wore this outfit for a day out with friends, having some lunch and all that girly stuffs. Don't you guys love spring? Getting to wear bright and pastely (is this even a word? lol) colors? I personally not the bright neon color block kinda person, but I do wear colors and I do love black and white. Don't you guys excited? I'm really excited for spring and summer coming up, and I can't wait for my holiday to come! Well of course there will be plenty of busy days before that, but hey, time waits for no one! I guess I'll see you guys soon then! 
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Mouna T said...

I love the color pallet and that amazing purse! You look great :) Good luck with school <3

Sugar Bunny said...

Finally. Aaa love everything you wear cece. Pretty ♥

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look so sweet in this get up mich! Love everything you are wearing <3 xx


Novarinna Tan said...

Totally love it , Nice outfit <333

Chic Swank

Miuw said...

Wah I'm glad its spring too! Your neon bag and round sunglasses rock, btw

Spicy Bananaz

putri soe said...

The shades and the jelly bag is beyond. Cool, Michelle!

cheers from Jakarta,
Putri Soe

Bernadette Czle said...

loving your jacket so much <3

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livlovelaugh said...

hi cutie pie! Loving your outfit here! SPringy and classy at the same time!


Patricia ♥ said...

I love spring and your outfit matches my expectations of a perfect spring outfit perfectly!
I'm also trying to eat healthier and it's really hard TT^TT It's that I'm surrounded only by junkfood and it's so hard to say no TT^^TT

Have a wonderful day and try to get more sleep,

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

looooooove everything!


Lauren said...

Loving the floral and pink combo!! xo

Andudei Hardyanta said...

you are awesome from head to toe, nice jacket anyway, the pattern is beautiful

Fanny said...

lovely outfit ^^

Putri Valentina said...

Love your bag and the short :D


Brenda evans said...

nice look, love the bag :)


Naomi Hosma T said...

You look really cool this time. I have followed your blog. Will you follow my blog _? I hope you like to see first.Please.....
thank yoU


Wulan Wu said...

love this!
your jacket, bags, and creepers, so in love!

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Naomi Hosma T said...

how cool you are wearing it.
I hope you see my blog. thank you very much :)


Anonymous said...

I love the post:) Have a wonderful weekend!

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Tamara Emilia said...

beb makin cantik aja sih <3
love your jacket so much !!!


Naomi Hosma T said...

wow! Really like your style. Looks so good.
I hope you would look at my blog as well ...
thank you :)


Calita Hin said...

loving the shorts! :)


Run With Fashion said...

Hiiiiiii Michelle!
I didn't get a chance to comment on your post! I was busy with uni, so I didn't blog at all, I'm still on summer holiday break, trying to get back into blogging. I see you haven't blogged since April :/ Hope everything is good with you and your studies miss fashion student ;)

I love what you're wearing in this post, loooove the yellow top, it goes great with the floral H&M jacket, really nice! ♥
Love the shorts and the BAG!♥♥♥♥ Sooo fun! :D

Thanks for your comment on my My Spring Wish Closet post! <3! :)


zaskia said...

thanks sob untuk postingannya...
article yang menarik,saya tunggu article berikutnya yach.hehe..
maju terus dan sukses selalu...
salam kenal yach...
kunjungi blog saya ya sob,banyak tuh article2 yang seru buat dibaca..